The Millennial Panda
The Millennial Panda
May 11, 2016 2 Comments Life

The First Step

Photos by RR Dancel

I am not okay.

That’s a lot to admit coming from someone who’s learned to shy away from people whenever I feel this way. It’s funny yet shitty to admit that I’m not okay ~ I mean after everything that’s happened? Well.

For those who don’t know, I suffer(ed) from clinical depression and other things that I’m hesitant to disclose here. “Suffer” is an understatement. If you’re reading this now, and if you knew the person I was between 2011-2013, then you probably get why. You see, I wasn’t always like this. I’d like to say I was the life of the party, but I was most likely the kind of girl you hate seeing whenever you walk into a bar, the  i-don’t-give-a-fuck cray cray person smoking her lungs out, while dancing to the beats of Swedish House Mafia & Zedd, or the sad lonely drunk girl crying on the side wanting to do stupid things because another guy broke her heart. I was all that, admittedly.

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May 2, 2016 4 Comments Life

At The Moment

Photo by RR Dancel

It’s around 10:30 pm, and I’m here wondering why I haven’t slept yet.  I just got home from work about an hour ago, whipped up a vienna sausage omelette for dinner while checking up on my numerous emails and messages I’m getting from both corporate and freelance work. I guess I’ve been anxious [lately] with all of the things I’ve been doing. For those who don’t know, I’ve been MIA on the blog for almost a month now, and here are some of the many reasons why:

  • I landed a wonderful job at a big corp (thank you Lord, and thank you Life)!
  • I’m managing around 3-4 brands on social media, included my own ~ woot woot!
  • I work from 9 – 6 pm. But since I live in Fairview, I have to leave my house at around 6:00 am just to get to work on time.
  • I am still trying to spend my free time being a hands-on mom to my son.
  • And…… I am re-evaluating the internals of my blog branding; figuring out which direction to go with, given all of the things I just mentioned!

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April 14, 2016 1 Comment Localfied, Places

Capture Corregidor With Fujifilm

Explore, and let your lust for adventure consume you.

 A few weeks ago, I got a text from Candy asking me if I wanted to join their group to go out of town. I remember feeling a mixture of emotions (to the point that I wanted to hurl out of excitement and glee…. eew). Fun Fact: I’ve never been on an out of town trip alone ~ “alone” meaning without Bobby, without family, or without close friends. I was scared ’cause…

  • I was going to be the only non-fashion/beauty blogger in the group
  • I was pretty much insecure knowing the different profiles of the people I was going to be with
  • I have never traveled “alone”
  • I’m prone to sea-sickness
  • Everything seemed surreal to me ~ being invited to go out of town because of my blog, and because of my loyalty with this brand

I debated with Bobby, who pushed me to give my yes. Then, on a fine Sunday morning, I find myself boarding on to a ferry boat c/o Sun Cruises bound for Corregidor.

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April 1, 2016 29 Comments Baby, Events

Excited For The Summer

DSCF2915 Our summer vacation is deciding what fun activities our son should do!

I can’t believe it’s April in a few days! I’m freaking out. I’m drowning in so much work (and honestly, I don’t think I’m compensated enough for the amount of passion, love, and will I do for my freelancing), and I’m worried my little family and I won’t get through the summer with money to our name. Well, despite my sad sad sad situation, all I could think about is how both Bobby and I will utilize this summer. We’re planning so many things, with so little money. However, this is pushing us to think out of the box, to be creative, resourceful, and practical in whatever shenanigans we decided to do as a fam. Of course, we want to focus on developing Yñigo’s skills since right now, at almost 10 months, he is getting in touch with his surroundings,… getting curious with the world.

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March 28, 2016 5 Comments Events, Localfied

On Styling Interiors

You have to bring your own experience, your self when styling your room’s interior.

If you’ve been to my house, and seen my room, there’s not much space to work with. My mom has always been the type to fancy wood furniture, so she filled up my space with it. I never really opposed what my room contained, or even looked like, ’cause

1) It’s not really “mine”
2) I don’t have my own funds to redecorate or demand
for things I wanted

I never really cared before ~ for as long as my room had a bed, aircon, and television, I was okay.

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